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Selected Summer Arts Faculty

Elizabeth Sircom

Sculpture, Visual Arts, Children and Youth Camps

Elizabeth trained as an artist in France, where she learned many drawing and painting techniques, as well as clay sculpture. In her work, she has always been drawn to portraiture. Elizabeth’s most recent exhibition was at the Icehouse Gallery in Tatamagouche in October 2022, as part of a group portrait show called “Face Value.” She has been teaching art for over 25 years to both adults and children. Elizabeth is a member of Visuals Arts Nova Scotia’s PAINTS (Professional Artists In The Schools) program and is active with Memory Café NS, which brings art and music to people living with dementia. She enjoys teaching in Ross Creek’s highly imaginative and friendly atmosphere.

Elizabeth’s teaching approach “is very flexible! I like to get to know my students and try to offer each individual something personal to take away from a workshop. Materials and imagination go hand in hand, so I spend a lot of time helping students learn to use a variety of different materials. I show up for a workshop with a well-defined project and then improvise a lot. Many of my workshops have also included a ‘play acting’ element; for example, a physical warmup where students act out geometrical shapes, so they can reproduce the ‘feeling’ of their gestures in their drawings. With juniors I use a lot of make-believe and story-telling.”

Ian McKay (the Senior)

Making, STEAM, Imagining

Ian loves helping people become Makers. In the past, he has run workshops at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in basic robotics, making art from upcycled electronics and rocketry. He used to be a High School teacher in a former life and still loves to facilitate groups of enthusiastic learners when he shares his passion for STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Math) with others.