Welcome to the Ross Creek Library!

The Ross Creek Library is an in-centre library located within the Ross Creek Centre’s main building, where visitors of all ages can read books from our curated selection of arts and other literature. It is one of Ross Creek’s many joys, giving artists in residence, our campers, and all other visitors a space to learn and reflect. We encourage all visitors to Ross Creek to peruse and engage with the library!

If you’re interested, we have an online catalogue of our books available. See our online catalogue here.

We have been fortunate from the earliest days of an initial build by the NKEC shop class of our first bookshelves to Quincy Russell building the second set, to the donors of collections to the incredible folks who saw us through making the collection more accessible.

Jennifer Manuel, Rob Caldwell, Melissa Clark, Maddie Caldwell and Emily Clark collectively spent hundreds of hours photographing and cataloguing each book, repairing them, and and setting up our online catalogue.

We would especially like to thank the people who have made contributions of collections to the Ross Creek Cultural library, including the family of Ronald Carr, the family of Herb Lewis, the family of Gretchen McCulloch, and Andrea Schwenke Wyile.

While we have very limited space, if you have cultural books which are not in our collection please reach out to us to see if they may be able to be housed in our collection. We are now working on our collection of hardcover or multicultural children’s books.