(ADMIN) – Summer – week 2 – DIET/Allergy for Kitchen

Name Week # Camp Diet
Sadie Buxton 1 SNR Architecture Studio SA2022 She has an intolerance to mint (not an allergy)
Allison Mantta 1 INT Around The World of Art SA2022 Ali is quite a picky eater but has no allergies or
Sebastian Nauss 1 Secret Gardens SA2022 None that we know of.
Isby Terry 2 Cosmic Creations SA2022 None
Joey Bavis 2 Artist Studio: Painting & Printmaking SA2022 None
Oona Druker 2 Artist Studio: Painting & Printmaking none
Miriam MacPhee 2 Cosmic Creations SA2022 None
Bridget 2 SNR Textiles Studio July 10-15 2022 None
Beatrice Sims 2 SNR Artist Studio: Painting & Printmaking July 10-15 2022 None
Lochlan Doyle 2 Ancient Architects SA2022 None,None.
Gabrielle Poirier 2 JNR Cosmic Creations Camp July 11-15 2022 None
Samuel Kathan-Howell 2 Ancient Architects SA2022 None
Elka Stephens 2 Textiles Studio None
Jackson Mala 2 Animation Nation SA2022 None
Zya Langdon 2 SNR Artist Studio: Painting & Printmaking SA2022 Zya is neither a strict vegetarian nor completely gluten-free. She does sometimes choose to eat vegetarian or gluten-free, especially if her eczema is flaring up. She will self-regulate quite happily according to what’s being served.
Ryerson Mala 2 Ancient Architects None.
Ny Langdon 2 INT Animation Nation SA2022 None
Hylah Hale 2 JNR Cosmic Creations SA2022 None
Lochlan Doyle 3 Creative Comics SA2022 None,None.
Haythem McCulloch-Booth 3 Creative Comics gluten “sensitive”, potato intolerant
Cormac LeDuc 3 Creative Comics mild sensitivity to coconut
Leighton trenholm 3 Street Art SA2022 Noon
Oliver Carruthers 3 Creative Comics SA2022 No gluten please, Oliver will come with a packed lunch and snacks.
Olive Melillo 3 Broadway Bound NA,na
Arthur Lander 4 Movie Magic Vegetarian except for bacon and hotdogs (!!)
Gillian Cameron 4 Graphic Novel Studio Only that she is vegetarian, as noted above
Abigail 4 Movie Magic Not sure if it is a true allergy, but she thinks she is allergic to blackberries due to a previous vomit experience.
Oona Lander 4 Down by the Bay Vegetarian except for chicken nuggets, doesn’t like most dairy.

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