Call for Proposals

2021 Gallery Call


At Ross Creek, we approach each season’s shows as a way of examining a theme or our world through a variety of lenses. We begin with a concept and ask submitting artists to propose a show which takes the word and examines it in their own individual way (or through a group show). We welcome submissions from professionally established artists and craftspeople with a distinct concept for a show based on this theme within our space and in our community. Please note that we also welcome (and encourage)  shows where the artist can do a residency at Ross Creek before or during the exhibit, and ask that you consider our audiences (multi-generational) when making your submission.

Revolution: rev•o•lu•tion (ˌrɛv əˈlu ʃən)

  • A sudden, complete, or radical change in something: a revolution in church architecture; a social revolution caused by automation.
  • A turning round or rotating, as on an axis.
  • A complete and forcible overthrow and replacement of an established government.
  • The orbiting of one heavenly body around another.
  • The rotation of a heavenly body on its axis.
  • A cycle of events in time or in a recurring period of time.

Our gallery in 2021 will focus on the world of change, natural, human-led, personal, and/or political, and we encourage artists and craftspeople to make submissions which reflect that theme in whatever way you interpret it, while making a rationale within your submission letter.

We have exhibition throughout 2019 and welcome proposals that include residencies.

CARFAC minimums (project category 1) will apply to accepted submissions. ​

DEADLINE: November 1. 2020

Interested artists should contact us by email with the following information.

  • Current CV
  • Artist Statement
  • Biography
  • Up to 10 digital images of recent work, with accompanying image list detailing: artist’s name, titles, dates, medium and dimensions of each work
  • Any additional relevant material such as publications and critical reviews
  • Please detail if you are interested in doing a residency as part of your show and what you would work on.
  • Please include slots for which you might be available if we were to offer you a show in the schedule and you were able and interested in travelling to Ross Creek.

You will receive acknowledgement of your submission in 14 days and a final decision will be made 30 days after the application deadline.