Who are we looking for? YOU!


Whether you are a retiree looking for a meaningful way to keep engaged in the community, an international traveller wanting to do something special while exploring this part of the world, or a teenager looking to build your resume and skills set while doing cool things, we want you!

We have programs and projects both onsite at Ross Creek and at the Ross Creek Annex in the community and we can use you for as little or as much time as you have to give! 

Please sign up below, there is no obligation, just lots of cool work and community awaiting you! 

Don’t be shy – if you have skills or knowledge you are willing to share,  please let us know! There is always a LOT to be done at Ross Creek – from gardening to bookkeeping, from repairs to trailblazing! 

Volunteer Sign Up!

Volunteer Sign Up!

Welcome aboard the Ross Creek volunteer train! Whether you have a lot of time, or just a little, there is a place for you. We take Workawayer on extended trips, and locals who want to work on an event or be part of a regular shift.

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