The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts offers both self directed and project based residencies to professional artists working in one or more of the following media: visual art, writing, theatre, dance, film, music, performance art, photography, fibre arts and video. Our Residencies provide a spectacular rural environment free from distraction. Each season offers a unique and changing landscape guaranteed to inspire artists of all disciplines.

Artists may apply individually or as members of a collaborative team. Please note that until further notice, all applicants must be based in the Atlantic region, or self-isolate in the Atlantic region for at least 14 days before arrival onsite.

Current Calls: 

Open call – ongoing submissions for all welcome Apply here. 

Self-Directed Artist Residency:

We accept applications year round for residencies ranging from 2 weeks to 4 months between the months of September and June (with very limited space for individual artists in July and August, often as artist faculty to support our Summer Arts Programming). Shorter or longer residencies can be arranged pending availability.
An ad-hoc group of theatre artists and I were looking for a place to do a two week theatre workshop for a project we are working on. We ended up doing the workshop and residing at the Ross Creek Arts Centre.
Lack of affordable space is a problem for artists everywhere – the Arts Centre has so much space,
both in terms of studio space and the beautiful land on which the Centre resides. While there, we were
able to engage with other people working on different projects, from gardeners to environmental designers
to visual artists there on residencies. The cross-pollination of ideas is inspiring and effective for the work
​of arts work. A very special place indeed – a creation oasis – with wonderful people and big, big skies. 

– Jackie Torrens, Below the Salt Theatre

Fall: Sept-Dec
As mornings become crisp and the leaves begin to change, the days remain warm and sunny. The crickets sing and our garden is brimming with vegetables ready to be harvested and used in the kitchen.

Winter: Jan-Mar
While the wind whistles and blows intricate designs in the snow drifts, the farmhouse is at it’s coziest in this season, with the wood stove warming day and n

Spring: April-June
The ground begins to thaw and the snow makes way for the fresh growth of Spring. Ross Creek begins to buzz with bees and anticipation of another busy and exciting Summer season.

-24 hour studio access
-Private room in shared farmhouse onsite
-All meals 
-Transport to and from airport
-Access to our 178 acres of field and forest, including our organic garden
-Access to extensive library collection
-Weekly trips into Canning, Wolfville or other local towns.
​-Other Fields trips as desired and necessary

Financial Assistance:
We encourage all artists to apply and to discuss options if they require financial aid.

Grant Opportunities:
Canada Council for the Arts
Indigenous artists in Canada 

In the United States

Please email if you are interested or if you have any other questions.

Facilitated or Thematic Residencies:


Thematic residencies bring together multiple artists to work around a specific theme or medium with the help of a facilitator/curator. Participants explore new modes of thought in a variety of collaborative settings including studio work, formal lectures, group discussions and outdoor retreats. Thematic residencies encourage dialogue and discovery between disparate practices, and establish new connections.

Artists can apply to take part in a thematic/programmed residency when opportunities are available.