Ages 8-11

March Break Day Camp

Ages 8-11 : explore themes through science, drama, music and art!

At Ross Creek we provide an amazing art day taught by professional artists and a great camp experience for kids on our 178 acres of field and forest, led by our fabulous counsellors. Whether searching for the Creekster, creating a masterpiece or making new friends, our camps have something for every kid! We offer programs in dance, theatre, music and art. Kids can come for a day or for the whole week of adventure and art. 

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Monday March 15

Comic Workshop
Draw your very own cartoon characters, creatures, animals and magical beasts. Using a variety of artist’s tools and materials, including pencil, pen, ink, paint and more, you’ll design actions and stories to go with your characters.

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World of Fashion
Fast track your fashion sense with a one day workshop where you will learn cool new skills and design ideas while focussing on a takeaway masterpiece!

Tuesday March 16

Urban Expressions
Urban meets rural in this popular workshop! Design your own stencil, practice technical approaches to spray paint, and learn about what it takes to create collaborative works of street art, positive graffiti, and public murals.

Wednesday, March 17

Forest Adventures
Adventure awaits as we discover the forest through visual art, drama and story-telling in this exciting camp. Myths and stories will inspire our imaginations and guide us as we share the trails and meadows. We’ll draw inspiration from the landscape and work together to create a unique nature sculpture!

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Music Alive!
Have you been missing making music? Do you want to try your hand at making music of your own maybe for the first time? this is a great one day program to get you started or back in the swing of things with a song or some beats to take home at the end of the day!

Thursday March 18

Sculpt it!
Welcome to the 3rd dimension! Explore a variety of sculptural techniques, tools, and materials to create marvellous 3d artworks that you can show off at home!

Friday March 19

Maker Workshop
Imagine and make! Bring your ideas to life and experiment with a variety of tools and materials to make things move, light up and do other amazing things! Taught by local maker legend, this workshop is perfect for future inventors!

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Act it!
Jump into the world of theatre for the day! Using improv games and more, you’ll learn to own the stage, working with our amazing and hilarious artistic director, Ken Schwartz!

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