Object Histories: Eyelevel Printed Matter Exhibition


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Object Histories: Eyelevel Printed Matter Exhibition

OBJECT HISTORIES is a decentralized exhibition of printed-matter and multiples taking place online and at three locations across Nova Scotia.
Curated by Sophia Dime

with Artist in Residence Krista Grunksy

Featuring work by: Ada Denil, Alice MacLean, Amin Rehman, Arjun Lal, Brent Cleveland, Camila Salcedo, Clayton Windatt, David Clark, Elizabeth Whalley, Emily Davidson, Emma Allain, Emma Bass, Femme Art Review, Gabrielle Gallant, Jeanna Penn, Jennifer MacLatchy, Kiki Mufassa Mononoké, Krista Grunsky, Laurel Rennie, Liz Lore, Lou Shepphard, Michael Eddy, Phillip Hare, Rachel Anzalone, Rachel Reeve, Shelby Edwards, Sofia Alarcon, Terry Drahos, Undine Foulds

“Through OBJECT HISTORIES, participants are encouraged to consider these object histories and question how we interact with them. Object histories are particularly relevant in this day and age given the dramatic increase in and revitalization of used economies. This newfound interest in buying vintage is driven partially by environmental concern. The desire to repurpose and reuse stems from an urge to resist the endless cycle of mass production that is so damaging to our planet. There is also something compelling about an object that has had a past life, it speaks to a kind of a  permanence and stability in a world that is so fixated on arbitrary progress and adaptation. Hannah Arendt writes, “Nowhere else [does the] thing-world reveal itself so spectacularly as the non-mortal home for mortal beings. It is as though worldly stability had become transparent in the permanence of art” (Brown 191). “
​-Sophia Dime

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Sophia Dime


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