A week ago we finished our first rehearsals of the pandemic at Two Planks.
​I’ve been thinking about it a lot.
Some of the things that stick with me are:
1. The best questions seem to be the ones that lead to more questions before they lead to answers.
2. We’re not the same people as we were in March. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we are willing to accept it and support each other through it.
3. There’s something liberating about existing in an environment where choices are made, consequences examined and new choices are made as a result. It’s so unlike the real world we live in at the moment.
4. I remember why I do this now. I didn’t know that I had forgotten, but I actually lost touch with that sensation.
5. My colleagues are the best people.
6. I’m not sure how many workplaces demand so much emotional trust as ours does. It’s the challenge that defines our work.
7. A single idea can, and does, change lives.
8. If an artistic career is a journey, many of us are crossing a raging river, up to our chests, and we’re not clear how far it is to the other side.
9. Some of my colleagues have been in that river their whole career.
10. I believe in this. I’m swimming to the other side. But not without my colleagues.