flow states: conversations with Water

A series of visual explorations in ink paintings, underwater photographs, and digital artworks by Epekwitk/PEI-based artist Monica Lacey that center connection, communication, and collaboration with Water.

Spectral Estates

A picture of a past exhibit at Ross Creek. There are paintings of domicile themes in a room with white walls and a sculpture of a house in the center.

Hilferink created this recent series of paintings and sculpture centring the concept that a house is not always a home.


During the last fifty years, Charlotte Wilson-Hammond has used her body as a way of accessing the strength, sensuality, vulnerability, beauty, and now the fragility of the female form, all part of the eternal cycle of birth, growth, regeneration, and death.

Interior Migrations: ​International Migrant Workers on Canadian Farmland

This photographic installation by Gu Xiong came to us after being at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and reflects Gu’s friendships and connections to migrant workers in a way that will be familiar to our agricultural community, and which provides an extraordinary portrait of the workers who are vital to the success of Canada’s food producers.


Lindsay Dobbin presents an immersive installation of sound, poetry, and video, in this solo exhibition at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts.

alternate ecologies

Building on previous incarnations and exhibits of these works, which began life in outdoor and site-specific installations in Mexico and Ontario, Hassan and Benner’s work, especially in tandem, has never been more relevant.

The works speak to each other through reimaginings of propaganda and military trappings to lament human actions and to explore new ways of seeing. They invite you to look beyond the expected and in both pieces, centre the potent power of nature.