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“[DSD] brought about the most significant growth I have ever seen in a group of dancers over the two-week period. I think this is a result of a supportive atmosphere encouraging exploration and risk-taking, relaxing and fun surroundings …” — Belinda McGuire, Choreographer & Dancer, DSD Teacher, NYC

“This rich experience has strengthened and aligned beautifully with [my child’s] professional dance training program back here at home, and has amplified the depth of her grace and dance knowledge.” — Dance Summer Dance Parent, Ottawa

“I attended Ross Creek and it was a life-changing experience for me… I’ve been lucky enough to work with artists like Janet Jackson and Shawn Mendes. [DSD] has left an unforgettable impact on my life. It is the first camp I recommend to any young artist.” — Thomas Colford, Dance Summer Dance Alumnus, Toronto

“… my career as a professional dancer would not be what is it today without my experiences in DSD and the [Teen Academies] … My concept of what dance could be, and most importantly what MY dancing could be, was stretched beyond what I had thought was possible.” – Bridget Lappin, Academy & DSD Alumna

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