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Ages 4-7 – explore themes through science, drama, music and art!

At Ross Creek we provide an amazing art day taught by professional artists and a great camp experience for kids on our 178 acres of field and forest, led by our fabulous counsellors. Whether searching for the Creekster, creating a masterpiece or making new friends, our camps have something for every kid! 

Kids can come for a day or for the whole week of adventure and art.

Please note, we do take 4 year olds if they seem ready for a full day and are close to turning 5.

2024 Season Programs


Monday March 11

Winter Wonderland

A magical blend of visual arts, adventure, and play! We’ll explore the sights and sounds of our Winter landscape here on the North Mountain, as creatures and trees wake-up from their slumber. 


Tuesday March 12

Forest Adventures

We’ll explore the Wabanaki Forest of Ross Creek in this day of discovery. We’ll walk the trails and bring back inspiration for making stories and art all about life in the forest!


Wednesday March 13

To the Moon!

Is it made of cheese? Is it hanging from a thread? We’ll explore the science and some stories about the moon from around the world and make some of our own!


Thursday March 14

Magical Machines!

From spaceships to submarines, we’ll explore the world of machines that are full of magic and design our own through stories and art, and maybe even make a giant machine together! 


Friday March 15

Ocean Oasis

On a winter’s day, we’ll explore the world under the sea, from the Arctic to Indian Oceans, with the amazing worlds below the surface and create stories, puppets and art about the mysterious world of water.

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