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Ages 12-16 : Dive into the arts

At Ross Creek we provide an amazing art day taught by professional artists and a great camp experience for kids on our 178 acres of field and forest, led by our fabulous counsellors.

For youth aged 12-16, we give an exceptional opportunity for them to stretch their creative muscles, learn high level skills, and introduce them to new ways to express themselves while meeting other creative teens!

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(AGES 12-16)
July 08-12
(Day campers begin on Monday)
Animation Studio -or- Musical Theatre Studio
July 15-19
(Day campers begin on Monday)
Artist Studio: Painting & Printmaking -or- Textiles Studio
July 22-26
(Day campers begin on Monday)
Urban Art Studio -or- Film Studio
July 29 - August 02
(Day campers begin on Monday)
Jewellery & Metalworking Studio -or- Graphic Novel Studio
Aug 04 - 16Teen Academies (Music, Film, Chroeography, Visual Arts, Theatre, Writing) Ages 14-18
August 18 - 30
August 19-23 Dance Summer Dance, Ages 11-18
August 26-30

July 08-12

Animation Studio

We’ll spend a week with a working animator and go from initial concept to the final credits of your own animation! From Flipbooks to film, we’ll explore various techniques of animation to make something really special together. 


Musical Theatre Studio

All the World’s a stage, and you can be in the centre of it! This one week camp brings together the triple threats of acting, singing and dancing, with no experience required! This camp will give you improv experience, plus the chance to make a new collaborative piece where you can shine, while making new friends and gaining incredible skills!

July 15-19

Artist Studio: Painting & Printmaking

This week takes you from Paint to Printmaking! Working with our wonderful artist faculty, you’ll explore the ways to make your artwork come alive through incredible new skills, and take your work further. 

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Textiles Studio

Working with our fashion faculty member, you will explore textile and fashion design in this one week camp all about fabric, fashion, and your phenomenal imagination! From natural dyes to sewing techniques to exploring how fashion can be sustainable, it’s going to be a fabulous week!

July 22-26

Urban Art Studio

Learn how to scale-up your ideas and bring colour and different styles to the world around us, all while learning to use spray paint, and tools of the trade, in a safe positive way! Collaborative public art, stickers, stencils, and more will be part of this one-week wild and wonderful program! Campers will even compose a one-of-a-kind mural here at Ross Creek. End of week showcase. 

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Film Studio

LIghts, camera, ACTION! It’s your turn to explore the whole process of film-making from initial concept to final credits. Working with our filmmaking faculty, you’ll get to collaborate with other campers to create the story, the set and costumes, and then act and direct in your own movie at the Ross Creek Studios! End of week screening

July 29 – August 02

Jewellery & Metalworking Studio

In this brand new camp with our incredible faculty, you’ll get to explore the design and creation of incredible jewelry,  from beads to blowtorches! Exploring ways of making jewelry from ancient times to now, you’ll go home with some incredible pieces to give away or showcase yourself! End of week showcase

– or – 

Graphic Novel Studio

Our fabulous Graphic Novel Studio program is back, with a full week of exploring the way comics are made – from concept to Comic-Con! Campers will work with our incredible professional graphic artist to make their own characters, storyboards and completed comics, ending the week with a signing at the Ross Creek Comic-Con!


Week-long day camp: $345 incl. lunch and snack.

Week-long day camp w/ Thursday overnight: $405 incl. lunch and snack.

Overnight camp: $550 incl. all meals and accommodations.

The Camp Bus:  $100.00 for the week. Click here to view the schedule and to reserve your spot. We do not pro-rate the bus for week-long camps if you only need transportation for a day or two.

All camp fees include all art materials, snacks, and lunch, and additionally, supper, breakfast and accommodations for overnight campers. Junior campers (5-7) are only eligible for day camp, with the exception of the Thursday overnight add-on if they are 7+. No overnight stays for ages 6 and under.

For afternoon snacks we have the “tuckshop” where the campers can buy up to two homemade sweet treats for $2 ($1 ea). This is a traditional part of a camper’s growing independence and camp fun! Some common tuck items are cookies, brownies and our famous snickerdoodle squares.

Payment Plans

Payment plans for families who would like to make the cost of camp fit into their budget. The early-bird discount does not apply to payment plans, and there is a small fee ($20) for setting up the plan to cover the additional administrative time. Click here to contact us by email and make payment arrangements.

Bursaries and Scholarships

We work hard to offer full and partial bursaries and scholarships to students who need financial aid and COVID has made that more challenging. Limited camp spots and drastically reduced earned revenue means we need some help! If you are in a position to help a child get to camp, we accept tax-deductible donations directly into our R.J. Owen Bursary Fund. We want to keep camps accessible to all and strive to be an inclusive community that empowers financially marginalized families.
You can email us here to support a child from our community and give them the gift of a fabulous summer.

Bursary applications require letters of reference, so please apply early. The deadline for submissions is June 1st for SummerArts financial aid. Bursary decisions are made by a committee and are based on a combination of need and merit. We regret that we cannot give full bursaries to all students, but try to assist as many children and families as we can through the generosity of corporations, businesses, individuals and some schools.

Fillable Bursary applications are available here. 

The deadline for submissions March 31 for SummerArts Bursaries. 

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