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Lucy Forrester Wendt

Lucy Forrester Wendt

Programming Assistant

Hello! I’m very excited to be joining the wonderful Ross Creek and Two Planks team. I enjoy
connecting with others and am thrilled to be a part of such an arts-focused environment. I feel
like I’ve found my new home here, and I can’t wait to help contribute to creating a healthy,
inclusive arts community by implementing programming that encourages learning and

I am an enthusiastic supporter of the arts and education, and I will continue to
advocate for the role that the arts can play in strengthening our bonds with our community.
In 2022, I graduated from Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art
History and a double minor in Visual and Material Studies as well as Museum and Curatorial
Studies. In addition to earning a Certificate in Visual Literacy and Culture.
It is my first time living in the Annapolis Valley. I’m looking forward to learning more about
the land’s culture and experiencing the magic I’ve heard about! In my spare time, I enjoy
reading and journaling, and you can always find me drawing or doodling. Also, my lovely
black cat Mina will always be by my side!
I can’t wait to meet everyone and start this incredible journey!

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