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Yifan Liu (she/they)

Program Coordinator

Originating from China, my artistic journey started at LAFA (Luxun Academy of Fine
Arts), where I gained my BA in cinematography in 2016, followed by a background
in documentaries and commercials for a few years. In 2021, I moved to Nova Scotia
for a master’s program at NSCAD University to extend my creative experiences and
immediately fell in love with the beautiful nature and loving community. After
school, I decided to settle down and see my life unfold here.

I am a visual artist swinging between media art or any form of digital-based art,
photography, and drawing while stumbling through various mediums for curiosity
and reflection. Otherwise, you will find me folding paper, wandering in nature with
my film camera, bouldering, or just napping on grass.

Ross Creek is such a magical platform for creative programming while nurturing my
creative life. I am so excited to be a part of it and contribute to the magic! I am
looking forward to connecting with the vibrant community!

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