UNITY-Sept 2

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2P 2022 Box Office

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Our seating is on bleachers. If you would like to add some back support, please fill in the number you would like here.

Add a picnic to your trip!

You can  preorder our wonderful meals below
(we require 24 hours notice)
PLEASE NOTE: the meals are not available on preview or opening nights.

The Light Lunch comes with with fresh bread, Foxhill cheese, Tangled Garden Jelly, and a Valley apple.
The Full Picnic comes with a sausage/veggie roll with Getaway Farms sausage, and Tangled Garden Jelly, a salad from our gardens with Tangled Garden Vinaigrette and a dessert of the day, plus your choice of one of our beverages.
If you have multiple picnics, or light lunches, please let us know the names of the people with their dietary needs so we can ensure your needs are met!
So we can contact you if there is a change due to weather, etc.
Do you require the Golf Cart to assist you in reaching the play site?
The play site is a few minutes walk across uneven ground. We have a golf cart to assist patrons with accessibility.
Do you require special seating?
Our seating is on bleachers, and we have limited sturdy chairs for patrons who need extra support.
How did you find out about this show?
Please check all that apply.