Teen Arts Academy Aug 6-Aug 18 2023

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Our Teen Arts Academy is a two week immersive arts program providing professional direction and focus to help teens realize their inner artist. An exceptional faculty works closely with each student, stressing individual growth while encouraging achievement and cooperation. While the program is demanding we also encourage recreation and relaxation on our 178-acre property, with rustic cabins, walking trails, fresh made local food and beach trips all supported by our highly trained camp staff.

Choose Theatre, Visual Arts, Film, Choreography, Writing or Music for an extraordinary experience.

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The goal of the Academy is to provide students 14–18 years old with an intensive hands-on experience in the arts in an environment that emphasizes creativity and innovation while using constructive critiques by professional artist mentors  to assist in artistic growth.  Students enroll in one discipline as their core activity with focused collaboration projects across all disciplines to create original multidisciplinary work.

Students will create their own work in a supportive studio environment, leaving the academy with a portfolio, audition piece, music demo or film, along with professional advice to help them think about the next step in their artistic development. They will also leave with a new community of friends and peers with whom they have spent hours making a new creative community!  

The Academy ends with documentation and sharing of original  work of all academy students, both collaborative and individual. Our online gallery and films will celebrate many of the finished works and works-in-progress that the academy students have created during the two weeks.

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Music Academy

Work with our incredible music faculty to develop your own sound, learn new skills and techniques way outside the box!

Theatre Academy

Working with our theatre faculty, you'll develop new skills in improv, and text, and scene study while also developing a monologue you can use for auditions!

Film Academy

Work with your fellow academy students to make a collaborative film while also developing your own story and voice through a short film that you can use for competitions.

Writing Academy

Create a deep toolkit to develop your writing skills. Bring a project dear to you or rise to new challenges through this program mentored by professional writing faculty.

Visual Arts Academy

Work with our amazing faculty to take your skills so much further. From painting to sculpture to land art, to new ways of seeing, you will leave with an incredible portfolio.

Choreography Academy

Learn to express yourself through dance! With this program, you will develop and refine your own style of dance and movement creation working solo and with others throughout the 2 weeks.