It’s Thanksgiving.
I have been reminded, in powerful ways this week, about the impact of the pandemic on my relationships.
I recently spent an hour talking one -on- one with a friend and colleague I hadn’t spoken with since the pandemic began. No distractions, just two people talking about what has happened in the last 6 months, what we were feeling, and what has changed. I was shocked to learn how much had happened in their life, how little I knew if it, and how little effort I had made to find out.
I thought about this conversation all week. I’m realizing how I’ve let some important kinds of interactions slip out of my life.
It’s hard to say something important in a text message, or offer meaningful reassurance with a thumbs up.
This weekend, many, many people aren’t spending Thanksgiving with the people they want to be with. Reach out to some folks you care about. Write them, call them, and spend some time. Let them know why they matter to you. It might be the most important thing you do this weekend.