Past Donations

Our Donors 

See below for the list of those who have so generously supported us,
​and some profiles of donors.
​Read our 2020 year-end letter. 

The Donors:
Jason Roth & Cheryl Steadman-Roth

The Challenge:
Jason and Cheryl are passionate about ensuring we are working toward long term sustainability and that we welcome new donors at all levels to ensure we can achieve our mission. 
In 2019, they matched donations dollar for dollar, with new donors matched up to 10X!

You can donate in any of the ways above or contact us .

The Donors: Peter Hicklenton and Joyce Kublin

The Reason: What a gem we have right here in the Annapolis Valley! Ross Creek Centre for the Arts and Two Planks Theatre is the local organization that brings world-class theatre and community-focused arts programming right to our doorstep. That’s why Joyce and I are so pleased to be able to support RC with financial donations, through volunteering on the board, and on many of the excellent program initiatives that take place year round. Did you know that there is a beautiful trail network on the property? We love to explore the woods that act as a backdrop to summer theatre at Ross Creek, and to participate in programs welcoming both established, and new residents of the Province to experience ‘art off the grid’. And now, with this generous matching opportunity, we know that all contributions go even further, ensuring RC’s work continues to enrich the cultural lives of us all –  young and old, newcomers and old friends.”

The Donor: Catherine Frazee

The Reason: “Since we first ‘discovered’ Two Planks in 2008, my partner and I have attended every production, every season. Little did we know when we retired from our urban lifestyles with their rich cultural offerings, that we would find a world-class theatre company with a distinctively Nova Scotian perspective – here in our own backyard! We support Two Planks with a monthly contribution as an investment in the community that we love, and a small expression of our gratitude for the ways in which this unique theatre company enriches our lives. Monthly giving signals to Two Planks that they can count on us for support, just as we count on them to amaze, provoke and delight!”

Monthly giving can be done by e-transfer, credit card, cheque or another method that works for you. It sometimes allows donors an easier way to  make the contribution you want by spreading it out over twelve months. Get a monthly giving form.

Our donors from January 2019-May 2021

Alison Scott-Butler and Greg Butler,
Christopher Peck and Joan Powell,
Christopher Peck and Joan Powell (in the name of Joan’s grandmother),
Jason Roth and Cheryl Steadman-Roth,
The Craig Foundation


Amanda and Eduardo Vaz,
Breakfast Club of Canada,
Brenda Gainer,
Bruce McLeod,
Carole Allain,
Dr. Crystal Todd,
David and Nina Hoffman,
Elizabeth and Barry Yoell,
Eos Natural Foods,
Dr. John Davie and Dr. Amy Hendricks,
Kate McKenna and Douglas Weatherbee,
Kathryn Renick,
Maureen Kudelka and Family,
Michelin NA Inc,
Mike Gill,
Nancy Carr,
Peter Hicklenton and Joyce Kublin,
Sara Hartland-Rowe and David Clarke,
Teresa MacNeil and Luke L. Bartdorf,
The Black Family Foundation,
The Noodle Guy,
The Portal Youth Outreach Association


​Alex Peace,
Andrea Nemetz,
Camelia Frieberg (in the name of Chicory Blue General Store),
Catherine Frazee and Patricia Seeley,
Danica MacNeil,
Doug and Joanne Linzey,
Heidi Taylor and Denis Leclaire,
Jane Gordon,
Kelvin Ogilvie,
Lynn Aylward and Neil Burgess,
Mary Fox,
Michael G Gros Law,
Natalie Alexander,
Oriel MacLennan,
Paul Yaffe,
Ramona Jennex,
Rick Deveau and Leilani Cleveland Deveau,
Sally Ravindra,
Susan Ashley,
Tara and Michael Gros,
The McKay Family,
Wendy Elliot,
Women of Wolfville


Alan Arbuckle,
Alex Handyside,
Alex Mayer,
Alice Cohen and James Sedgwick,
Anna Pereda,
Anthony Hillman,
Barbara Cowan,
Brian Foote,
Cathy Borthwick (in memory of Wally Steeves),
David and Patricia Adams,
Deborah Byrd (in memory of Golda Hawboldt),
Derek J B Watts / Heather M Watts,
Diane Mombourquette,
Elizabeth Cockburn,
Emilie Gould,
Fred and Nancy Chipman,
Geneviéve Steele,
Howard Little Excavating,
Jacqui Good (in the name of The Cole Family)…

$250-$499 Contd…

Jane Gordon (in honour of Nancy Carr),
Jesara Holla (in memory of beloved uncle, Leon Cole),
Jim Stewart and Mary Ellen Sullivan,
Kathleen Mulherin,
Kimball Law,
Kings County Squash Club,
Lesley Cole,
Marc Zwelling,
Pat Mora and Todd, Connor, and Caitlin Smith,
R Allyn Clarke,
Rosalie Hanlon,
Samuel Owen,
Sharon Gates,
Sheila Hulford,
Stephen Archibald,
Susan Gibson-Garvey,
The Town of Wolfville,
Tri County Waste Management,
Wendy Blanchard,
Wrought Iron, Brewing Co.


Alan Warner and Virginia Point,
Dr. Alexander Curtis,
Allen and Jennie Sheito,
Andrew Barnard,
Dr. Catherine Archibald (in memory of Gwen Archibald),
Christopher and Gill Childs,
Craig Flinn,
Daren and Shelley Hiltz,
David Acton and Chris Maltby,
Dean Jobb,
Deveau Developments,
Eva Corbett,
Ian Maclennan,
Janet Pelley,
Jeanne Allen,
Jim Noonan and Ellen Crowley,
Joan Jensen,
Joanne Porter,
Joelle Caplan,
John Montgomerie,
Karen Burch Medical,
Kevin Bauer and Mary Anne Gillighan,
Linda Loth (in the name of Sue and Kent Robinson),
Linda Winton,
Maureen Quinn (in the name of Arthur F. Borden),
McInnes Cooper,
Michelle Paon,
Nickle Peace-Williams,
Pam and Ken MacDonald,
Pamela Ackerman,
Pamela and Doug Hickman,
Peter Muttart,
Rita van Vulpen and Peter Kiefl,
Ross Curtis (in the name of Jack Schoon),
Ross and Erin Patterson,
Sally Blenkhorn,
Saralee Lewis,
Susan Stackhouse and David Christoffel,
Susan Wehrell,
Therese Stanislow,
Valerie Spencer,
Vicky and Keith Austin,
Wayne Phillips,
Wendy Crowe

Up to $149

Aaron Eisses,
Adrian O’Neill,
Alan Girffiths,
Alice Green & Graham Colwell,
Allanah McCormack,
Alvera Graham,
Amber Solberg,
Amy Rubin Flett,
Andrea Northey,
Angela Johnston,
Anita Chisholm,
Anne Mullins,
Barbara Duffin-Bates,
Beth and Bernie Ouellette,
Bob Cosmano,
Brenda Power,
Brookes McKenzie,
Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt,
Caitlin Creagan,
Calum Johnston,
Camelia Frieberg,
Cara Kirkpatrick,
Carmen Caddell,
Carol Grunsky,
Carol McKnight,
Catherine Banks,
Cathy Mellett (in the name of Rob Champagne & Richard Elliot),
Celia Rossiter,
Charity Fraser,
Charlotte Boates,
Cheryl Theriault,
Christina MacDonald,
Christine Hooper,
Christine Oakey,
Christopher K. Henkelmann,
Claire Milton,
Claudine Laforce,
Clifford Sandeson,
Colin Murchison,
Colleen MacIsaac,
Danielle Lewis
(in memory of Leon Cole),
Danielle Ouellette,
David Edelstein,
David Hilchey,
David Scarratt,
David van Belle,
Dawna MacIvor,
Deanna Henry,
Debbie MacIvor,
Deborah and James Munro,
Debra Moore (in honour of Gregory Moore)…

Up to $149 Contd…

​Dennis Leith,
Denton Froese,
Diane Deblois,
Dianne Looker,
Donna Gold,
Donna McCready,
Doreen Wong,
Doug Gessell,
Doug Smith,
Douglas James Mortimore,
E Alex Pierce,
Edith C. Haliburton,
Elaine Flaherty,
Elaine Sabine-Baird,
Elissa Barnard,
Elizabeth Reynolds,
Elsa Louise Riley,
Erica Harris,
Erika Nicholson,
Gabriela Gruber,
Geraldine MacIsaac,
Gillian Sircom,
Gina Brown,
Ginger MacPhee,
Gregory and Jill Cox,
Gwenn Dexter,
Heather MacArthur,
Dr. Heather McNally and Trevor Lloyd,
Heather Pierce Cormier,
Heather Swetnam,
Jackie Torrens,
Jacqueline Easby,
Jacqueline Jordan,
Jacqueline Steudler,
Jan Tait,
Jane Borecky,
Janet Maybee,
Jayme Salsman,
Jeff Schwager (in memory of Leon Cole),
Jennifer Miner,
Jim Trites,
Jo Stern,
Jocelyn Pringle,
John and Jill Gerrits,
Joyce Barak (in honour of Enid Cooper),
Judith Crawford-Parr,
Julie Wilson,
Kate Sircom,
Katharine Sircom (in honour of Meg Sircom),
Kathleen Boutilier and Lloyd Malcolm,
Keith MacIsaac,
Keith Mullins,
Kenneth Dodd (in memory of Leon Cole),
Kimberley Morton,
Lanell Management Ltd.,
Larry MacEachern…

Up to $149 Contd…

​Laura Van Loon,
Leigh Murdoch and Blanca Nanette Baquero,
Linda MacIsaac,
Linda Wheeldon (in honour of Jason Roth and Cheryl Steadman-Roth),
Lindsay Jacquard,
Lisa Roberts,
Lucas Gardiner (in the name of Jason Roth),
Margaret Griffin,
Marie and Joan Farrell,
Marilyn Dewis,
Marilyn Manzer,
Marissa LaPierre,
Marla MacAulay,
Mary Fillmore and Joanna Rankin,
Mary Vingoe,
Maryann Howlett,
Mason McParlane,
Matthew MacLean (in tribute of Leon Cole),
Meg Edwards,
Meghan Johnny,
Michael Vlahos,
Mike Jaillet,
Nancy Carr (in memory of Richard Sarradet),
Nicole Monchesky,
Norman Surette,
Owen Johnstone,
Owen Nowlan,
Patricia Millar,
Patti Dexter-Peck (tribute from the 100 Men Who Give a Damn Group),
Paula English,
Paula McMahon,
Pauline Sutow,
PBJ Design,
Penelope Milton,
Peter and Victoria Dekker,
Peter Stephenson,
Philip Howland,
Radovan Marinkovic,
Rebecca Butler,
Rhiannon Myers,
Richard Wandelt,
Robin Munro,
Robin Musselman,
Ryan North,
Sage Cannon,
Sandra Witherbee,
Sara Coffin,
Sarah Connell,
Sarah Janes,
Sarah Reid,
Sarah Wellwood,
Shawna Murphy,
Shelley Wall.

Up to $149 Contd…

Sheryl Reid,
Shirley Hooper,
Sophia Lawrence,
Stacey Barker,
Stephanie Friis (in memory of Leon Cole),
Stephanie Nicoletti,
Stephanie Taylor,
Stephen Anthony,
Stephen Peters,
Susan Hayden,
Susan Kregling,
Susan McClure and John Cameron,
Susan Sherwin,
Susanne Chui,
Tahlia Dyer,
Tamara Elwood,
Thomas Krausse,
Tom Ullyett,
Ute Fiedler,
Wayne Kelly,
Whitney Purdy,
William Barker,
Willis Hebb (in memory of Leon Cole),
Wilma Needham

2019-2020 DONORS
Alex Handyside
Alex Mayer
​Alison Scott-Butler and Greg Butler
Allen and Jennie Sheito
Amanda and Eduardo Vaz
Ami and Ian McKay

Amy Hendricks
Anthony Hillman

Barbara Cowan
Barbara Duffin Bates
Bernie and Elizabeth Ouellette

Beth Ouellette
​Carole Allain
Catherine Frazee
Cathy Borthwick
Cheryl Theriault
Crystal Todd
David Acton and Chris Maltby
​David and Nina Hoffman
David & Patricia Adams
David Scarratt
​David van Belle and Vanessa Sabourin
Deborah Byrd in memory of Golda Hawboldt
Debra Munro
​Derek and Heather Watts
Derek and Shelly Hiltz
Diane Mombourquette
Doug Gessell and Nina van Gessel
Dr. Alexander Curtis
Dr. Barry and Elizabeth Yoell
Dr. Christopher Childs
​Dr. Heather McNally and Trevor Lloyd
​Drs. John Davie and Amy Hendricks
​​E Alex Pierce
Ms. Edith and Mr Gordon Haliburton
​Elizabeth McKenzie
Elissa Barnard
​Elsa Louise Riley
Gillian Sircom
Fred and Nancy Chipman

​​​Gina Brown
​​​Jacqueline Easby
Jane Borecky
Jane Gordon
Janet Pelley
Trevor LloyJeanne Allen
​Jim Noonan and Ellen Crowley
Jim Stewart and Mary Ellen Sullivan
Joan Jensen
Joyce Barak in honour of Enid Cooper
Kathryn Renick
Kenneth Dodd
​Leigh Murdoch and Blanca Nanette Baquero
​LInda Wheeldon in honour of Jason Roth & Cheryl Steadman-Roth
​Luke L. Batdorf
Mason T. McParlane
Maureen Kudelka and family in memory of
          Phil Kudelka
Michael Gros
Michael Vlahos
Nancy Ann Carr
Nickle Peace-Williams
Oriel MacLennan 
Pam and Doug Hickman
Patti Dexter-Peck
​Peter and Victoria Dekker
​Peter Hicklenton and Joyce Kublin
Radovan Marinkovic
Ramona Jennex
Rick and Leilani Deveau
Sally Ravindra
Sara Coffin
​Sara Hartland-Rowe and David Clark
Sheila Hulford

Sheryl Reid
Stephen Archibald
Sue Gibson Garvey
​Susan Kregling
Susan McCure and John Cameron
Terry Stanislow
The McKay Family
Thomas Krausse
Tom Ullyett
Trevor Lloyd
Vickie and Keith Austin
Wendy Blanchard 
William Barker

​Wrought Iron Brewing Company

2018-2019 DONORS
Alex Handyside
Alexander Mayer
Alison Scott-Butler
Allen and Jennie Sheito
​Ami and Ian McKay
Andrew Terris

Ann Gordon & Johanna Mercer
Anna Pereda
​Anne Denny
Anonymous (multiple)
​Barbara Cowan

Dr Barry & Elizabeth Yoell
Caitlin Smith
​Carole Allain
Catherine Banks
Catherine Frazee
Christopher Childs
​Christopher Peck

Claire Milton
Connor Smith
David and Nina Hoffman
Deborah Munro
​Derek and Heather Watts
The Deveau Family
Diane Mombourquette
Donald Blakely
​Donna Brunton
Donna McCready
​Edith and Gordon Haliburton
​Elsa Louise Riley
Ernest and Eileen Richmond

​Gwenyth and Wayne Phillips
Jacqueline Easby​Jacquelyn Good and Leon Cole
Janet Pelley
​Jeff Schwager
​Jim Noonan
​Jim Stewart and Mary Ellen Sullivan
Joanne Linzey
​Joelle Caplan

Keith and Vicky Austin
Drs. Lois Bowden and Bruce McLeod
Luke L. Batdorf
Lyn Salsman Waller
Mercedes Brian and Rick Clayton
​Nancy Carr
​Nickle Peace-Williams

Patti Dexter-Peck
Paula English
Pauline Raven

Peter and Victoria Dekker
Peter Hicklenton
​Ramona Jennex
Rejeanne Bell
Rita van Vulpen & Peter Kiefl
​Sara Hartland Rowe and David Clark
Sheila Hulford
Sheila Stevenson

Stephanie Nicoletti
Susan Ashley
Susan Gibson Garvey
Thomas Reinfuss

Todd Smith and Pat Mora
Valerie Bachynsky
Zelda Abramson

In Memory of Leon Allen Cole 
In 2019, we were saddened to say goodbye to Leon Cole, who along with his widow Jacqui Good, was a great friend of the theatre, and for whom Two Planks was a true family affair. Not only was Leon a donor and regular patron of Two Planks and a Passion with Jacqui; Leon’s son Allen Cole is a frequent artist at Two Planks.
To donate in honour of Leon Cole, please choose your preferred method, and make a note that the donation is in tribute to Leon and if you would like your contribution acknowledged to the family. 
Read his obituary. See our tribute to Leon. It will also count toward our current matching campaign. ​

​2019 Donations In Memory of Leon Cole 
Danielle Lewis in memory of Leon Cole
Doug Smith in memory of Leon Cole
​​Genevieve Steele in memory of Leon Cole
Jacqui Good in honour of Leon Cole
​Jeff Schwager in memory of Leon Cole
Jesara Holla in loving memory of my uncle Leon Cole
​Kenneth Dodd in memory of Leon Cole
Lesley Cole in memory of Leon Cole
​Marilyn Dewis in memory of Leon Cole​
​Stephanie Friis In honour of my uncle, Leon Cole 
Willis H Hebb In honour of Leon Cole