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Two Planks and a Passion Theatre is passionate about educating the next generation of theatre artists. Running audition bootcamps, teaching in schools and collaborating with the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts on theatre programs and camps are some of the ways that we ensure high quality programming in rural Nova Scotia and beyond.  We also consult with emergent theatres, communities which want a drama program and do facilitation for groups, including staff retreats and conferences. For information about how you can access our amazing programs, please email

Since 1994 Two Planks and a Passion Theatre has employed the art of theatre as a catalyst for learning, empowerment, and the building of better communities. Drawing on the innate creativity in all of us, the company designs programs that help us communicate, collaborate, and collectively visualize a better tomorrow.

Among the programs the company has carried out are workshops on youth homelessness, youth violence, and bullying in schools.

See Change – New anti-stigma program at work in Annapolis Valley Schools
Two Planks and a Passion Theatre was thrilled and honoured that the Province of Nova Scotia  invested $100,000 into a new and innovative program run by Two Planks and a Passion Theatre’s Artistic Director Ken Schwartz and Alex Gatto in partnership with schools and others.  Two Planks worked with Grade eight students across the valley and was found through evaluation by partners in health to have made a siginificant difference in attitutdes towards people with mental illness.

Some feedback
“The success of bringing a message of awareness as to the risks of becoming homeless is credit to Ken Schwartz and the sensitive nature of the question and answer sessions interwoven with the performance.
The largely interactive performance touched on the parental, societal lack of communication that can occur with youth. Homelessness issues of poverty, dangers of living on the street, hunger, cold, and the drug culture were portrayed. Solidarity amongst peers was shown, but the pathos of the lack of support, perceived or real, made the performance heart-breaking to witness”.
Anna Roch, Project Coordinator-Homelessness Initiative: Building Capacity in the Annapolis Valley

“I can honestly say after watching this presentation that it was, without a doubt, one of the most valuable days that I could ever have offered my students. The workshop was not only incredibly well done, but was presented by two individuals who gave totally of themselves to see that every student came away from the half day session with a sense of accomplishment. The presenters were quite energetic and presented their material with energy, enthusiasm and passion. They work incredibly well with High School Students delivering their material and skills in a way that is meaningful and understandable by all who attended.
In reflecting back on the session, and listening to the feedback from the students, I can assure you that if the opportunity is offered again in future, I will jump at the chance to have these individuals back to do follow up workshop sessions. Such opportunities are wonderful for Theatre students and should be encouraged and promoted. To you, the presenters, and the sponsors of this opportunity I again offer my thanks as well as the thanks of the students.”
Brian Mosher, Teacher, Gander Collegiate, Gander Newfoundland

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