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Ross Creek Art Galleries

Acting in cooperation with a larger vision integrating music, theatre, writing, film, visual arts and dance, our galleries provide a space for multidisciplinary visual arts exhibitions.  It is our belief that together, the arts champion a dialogue fostering collaboration between artists in all disciplines and stages of their careers and the surrounding and global community at large. The Centre is dedicated to encouraging and promoting the arts though education and arts development, and provides a professional environment for artists to present work in a non-commercial venue.

Ross Creek Professional Gallery Our Professional Gallery focuses on contemporary visual art. Our exhibiting artists are regional, national and international. 

Community Gallery  The Community Gallery exhibits work created during our residencies, outreach programs within the community and schools. Additionally, this gallery is often used by our camp programs. You can email us for current exhibit call and submissions

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Building on previous incarnations and exhibits of these works, which began life in outdoor and site-specific installations in Mexico and Ontario, Hassan and Benner’s work, especially in tandem, has never been more relevant. The works speak to each other through reimaginings of propaganda and military trappings to lament human actions and to explore new ways of seeing. They invite you to look beyond the expected and in both pieces, centre the potent power of nature.

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