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Connecting with our Creative Community ONLINE

Welcome to the Ross Creek Creativity Connection!

Our goal is to take this moment to create a space and new way to engage our community, creatively.
At Ross Creek, we recognize that more than ever, people need to make connections, ways of interacting in a meaningful way through creativity, story-telling, and engagement with each other, and we want to help. 

Through a variety of creative prompts, interactive virtual classes with our faculty, lesson plans, and other programs, we hope to give you, young or old,  new or experienced, individually or working together, ways to try new things, learn new skills, and ways to tell your stories,  connected to this moment, or as a momentary escape from it, and a way to share your progress, and your stories, with each other.

As part of that sharing, we will be creating  online galleries for the different programs to celebrate the work that you are all doing, whether 8 or 80, and hope to have real-world exhibits in the future of the stories you are telling, in whatever form*

We are so grateful to everyone who participated in our Ross Creek Connections programs for Spring 2020!

Through these projects, we also hope to celebrate the artists in our lives, who are dedicating themselves to these projects and to also telling the stories of this time, and the creative person in each of you. 

We have also curated some of our favourite resources for engaging in the arts, through both Canadian and international artists and institutions that offer unique opportunities to enter into their world, even while at home.

We invite you to tell your story in a variety of ways, through The Mountain and the Valley, for those in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley for a project leading to a chapbook and gallery, to stories of communities helping each in our Bright Spots: Stories of Community Gallery, to Stories of Our Times, inviting submissions from around the world in photographs and stories.

*participants will always have a choice about whether to share their work 


There are more online courses to come! We are working on our online programs for the fall/winter season. Please check back or contact us for more information.
Let’s stay connected, stay creative, and stay safe!

Our online programs are FREE! We are so excited to be able to offer these virtual classes at no cost to participants, but we welcome your support to help us keep these programs going! There is no obligation, but if you are in a position to make a donation to support Ross Creek’s Connections programs, thank you in advance! Please visit our donation page to find out more.

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