Dance Summer Dance will be August 20 – September 1, 2023

Rediscover the Joy of Dance!


ACHIEVE & EXCEL: Intensive Dance Camp on the North Mountain

Dance Summer Dance (DSD) is Atlantic Canada’s most advanced summer dance training program, with some of the top dance instructors in North America. Dancers will boost year-round training in a focused and intensive, supportive, and fun camp program like no other. Develop skills, learn about professional dance, and create magic through movement! We use established traditions and the newest approaches in dance for body conditioning, stretch and strength, and other movement forms — all in a noncompetitive setting.

Accompanied by live music, we have daily warm up, technique, rep, and new creation in both ballet and modern dance, and weekend sessions in site-specific choreography — it is an exceptional program.

Former students have gone on to study at professional dance training schools such as the Toronto Dance Theatre and Juilliard, to have careers with international companies, and most importantly, to develop a lifelong love of dance and movement.

Dancers are also campers, and recreation and relaxation take place on our 178-acre property on the beautiful North Mountain, with rustic cabins, walking trails, delicious food, campfires, and beach trips, all with our wonderful camp staff. Dancers at DSD learn to take care of their bodies, be creative, make new friends from around the world, and to have fun!


DSD provides individual coaching in small classes on a gorgeous campus, with exceptional faculty and programming, while giving dancers a summer experience to remember forever. 

Our program has included conditioning exercises by Robert McCollum (Ballet Bob) of the National Ballet School and special workshops tailored to the needs of each participant with opportunities to dance in new professional choreographic works and repertory from international companies.

Classes are accompanied by live musicians and include music theory and African drumming. 

Our program combines instruction unparalleled at any summer dance school with a unique camp setting and genuinely supportive staff.


Dance Summer Dance is $1,380 +HST for the two weeks – SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
All program fees include meals and accommodation. 
A $20 capital improvement fee is added to summer camp registrations.


IF When you register, you can pay online or in-person by:
-Credit Cards
-E-transfer directly to
-Cheque in the mail
-Cash onsite

Please note: while we accept Credit Cards, the fees have become exorbitant for us to manage. We encourager e-transfer if possible.

We also offer payment plans for families who would like to make camp fit into a monthly budget. We can’t offer an early bird discount on payment plans, and have a small administrative fee ($20) for setting up the plan. Click here to make payment arrangements.


While our dance intensives are restricted to students who have achieved a certain level of technical understanding (at least four years of dancing), we do not refuse admission on the basis of body type or professional career potential. Students are admitted based upon the recommendation of their teachers on the basis of attitude, work ethic and their ability to handle the material at their given level. 

  • Admission is restricted to dance students age 11-18, except by special permission.
  • Students must have turned eleven by July 31 of the attending year.
  • Preference will be given to students 13 – 18.
  • The student’s ballet teacher must complete the Teacher Evaluation form and submit it directly to the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts at
  • Students must be in good general health. The program will be strenuous, but not overly so provided youngsters are in good health. Ross Creek must be notified if the student becomes injured before attending Dance Summer Dance.
  • There are places for 26 students, who will be divided based on experience into two groups that will remain constant throughout the program.

         Please click here to see all of general policies.


The late summer dates allow for older dancers to have a summer job and come to DSD before heading back to school, and prepare for their  fall term if they haven’t been dancing as much during the summer. It also means that those who dance most intensively can take other programs earlier in the summer and still attend DSD.


Phones disrupt students’ artistic and social development at camp. Because DSD includes intense training, we want dancers to be deeply engaged in the program. Ross Creek is a place for personal development, connecting with fellow dancers, and enjoying natural surroundings. Camp is a place to unplug from technology!

We ask student to leave their phones at home, unless they are also their music player and cameras, in which case we ask you to keep the sim card at home. Otherwise, we will hold on to the sim card until they are heading home.

In case of an emergency, we will make sure you get to speak with your child immediately! We encourage letter-writing and will supply postcards. We also encourage family and friends to send care packages (peanut free, please).


Young dancers need to be inspired by artists who care deeply about educating the next generation, and who bring current thinking and education about dance to DSD! Our faculty has included instructors from the National Ballet School and professional dancers from across Europe and North America. They include alumni of Juilliard (NYC), Joffrey Academy of Dance (Chicago), the School of American Ballet (NYC), and the London Contemporary Dance School (UK), among others.

Faculty for DSD 2022 included Robert McCollum (Ballet Bob) and Katie MacFarlane teaching ballet,  UK-based dancer and choreographer Bridget Lappin, and multidisciplinary artist Jacinte Armstrong instructing modern. Lessons with visiting artists will be announced.

Andrew Dahms  accompanied on percussion, delivering African drumming workshops, and Emily Shute accompanied on piano and provided music theory.


“[DSD] brought about the most significant growth I have ever seen in a group of dancers over the two-week period. I think this is a result of a supportive atmosphere encouraging exploration and risk-taking, relaxing and fun surroundings …”
— Belinda McGuire, Choreographer & Dancer, DSD Teacher, NYC

“This rich experience has strengthened and aligned beautifully with [my child’s] professional dance training program back here at home, and has amplified the depth of her grace and dance knowledge.”
— Dance Summer Dance Parent, Ottawa

“I attended Ross Creek and it was a life-changing experience for me… I’ve been lucky enough to work with artists like Janet Jackson and Shawn Mendes. [DSD] has left an unforgettable impact on my life. It is the first camp I recommend to any young artist.”
— Thomas Colford, Dance Summer Dance Alumnus, Toronto

“… my career as a professional dancer would not be what is it today without my experiences in DSD and the [Teen Academies] … My concept of what dance could be, and most importantly what MY dancing could be, was stretched beyond what I had thought was possible.”
– Bridget Lappin, Academy & DSD Alumna