Ages 8-11

March Break Day Camp

Ages 8-11 : explore themes through science, drama, music and art!

 At Ross Creek we provide an amazing art day taught by professional artists and a great camp experience for kids on our 178 acres of field and forest, led by our fabulous counsellors. 

For our Intermediate campers, we introduce them to new ways of exploring their creative sides, gaining new skills and having a blast!

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Monday March 15

Clay Creations
Let’s get 3D! This camp is perfect for kids who love to get their hands dirty! Campers will get right into the beauty of clay to make fabulous sculptures from their imaginations, and inspired by world art.

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Circus Spectacular!
Step Right Up and be Amazed! We’ll explore stories and images from the Greatest Show on Earth! Campers will try their hands and feet at some circus skills and telling a fabulous story through juggling, clowning, acrobatics, and more!

Tuesday March 16

Adventures in Drawing
Campers can make their dreams of drawing come true with this class where they will explore all the drawing tools and materials and learn how to make the coolest marks inspired by artists from around the world! 

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Space is the Place
We’ll put on our imagination helmets and dream of the moon and the stars together! Learning together and then making stories, art and more, we’ll take a trip into uncharted worlds!​


Broadway Babies
Jazz Hands, everybody! We have singing, dancing, and acting together with no experience necessary in this low pressure, high fun one day camp!

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When in Rome!
We’ll travel to ancient Rome in our imagination as we draw inspiration from the art and architecture of this beautiful city. We’ll make our own art and stories based on everything from architecture to mosaics!


Let’s get Prehistoric
From paintings on cave walls to sculptures, we will explore the art of ancient cultures from around the world, using clay. natural pigments and some cool, unexpected materials!

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Tinker Time – FULL
Imagine and make it come true! Experiment with tools and materials to make things move, light up and do other amazing things! Taught by local maker legend, Ian McKay, this workshop is perfect for future inventors!


Fabrics and Fun
In one fabulous day, you’ll explore how textiles are made, all about design, and even make something awesome to take home!

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Comic Creations – FULL
BAM! Campers will work with our incredible professional comic creator to make their characters, storyboards and sketches for their own comic stories!