Autumn Arts 2022

Art Portfolio and Audition Workshop

November 13 and 20

Portfolio Development / Pre-College Workshop

This in-person course will kick-start your 2022 portfolio or audition materials for applications to accredited visual arts and drama programs close to home and around the world. You will learn how to document and present your work for admissions requirements, develop confidence and insight into self evaluation and critique, identify scholarship opportunities, and get feedback on your portfolio from professional artists here in the studio.

No experience in a formal class setting necessary, only a passion and dedication to your practice. This workshop is geared towards young adults, high-school, and homeschooling students who are considering post-secondary education in the arts. Bring along your best work, sketches, monologues, and anything in process that you’re working towards and we’ll help with your goals.

This workshop is a two-part series and meets on Sunday afternoons on the following dates

November 13 1:00 – 5:00 PM Orientation and Creative Toolkits

November 20 1:00 – 5:00 PM Review Sessions and take-aways

Contact Ian at if you require a bursary or scholarship to attend this program.